GTA 6 Game Play Online

We slowly approach to the launch. Step by step fresh details about GTA 6 are coming up. Loyal fans are waiting with bated breath for Rockstar studio to announce it. During the recent game event, people were spamming in chat with the request to show trailer, but didn’t receive what they wanted. While everyone is trying to figure out when the company is going to please us with new GTA 6, let’s remember, what we already know.

The release date

Many leaks and rumors around gta vi contain information about different periods of time. But many of them are convincing us that we will see it in 2021. Is it true, or they simply hope for better – see soon. No need to mention, that they have just launched some big projects, and GTA online is still assemble all admirers of this series, making a profit.

Good news is, they now have all reasons to launch GTA 6 in the near future. New generation of consoles xbox one and ps4 has been recently shown to the community. This is the perfect chance for developers to drop next part of the game. In fact, we will know, that they are testing beta version of it, as soon as we see the trailer. So don’t miss any announcements.

Leaks about the gameplay

Fans were discussing about the name of next version of GTA for a long time. That’s all because the name always represents the location, where all events occur. Some guy from twitter, who always spread rumors about upcoming game products, shared possible title. According to him, the name is Project Americas. If this is true, it is very likely, that we will move on not only one location on map, but get to travel all over the continent. Rumor has it, it is going to be one of the biggest open worlds ever. You can get the opportunity to visit old and familiar Vice City with its home streets. They are planning to give you the chance to meet old friends in San Andreas and ride its roads.

Speaking of the rides, familiar mechanics probably stays. Roads are full of different cars, that you are able to steal, ride and destroy. Sporty and classic, electric and gasoline, big and small – there will be transport for all tastes. And of course, what a gangster without some cool weapons. Shops with various guns probably aren’t going anywhere.

Women are coming in GTA 6

Growing female audience of this game may convinced developers, that it needs some diversity. Community is requesting for the opportunity to pick female characters, and some leaks confirm this possibility. But how they are planning to realize it, and add them to the main plot remains a mystery. Developers won’t wander off the point of criminal infightings. The whole plot is built on this theme. Main personage, who grew up in ghetto, participates in robberies, shootings and other mafia affairs. Trust us, they don’t want to remove what every GTA admirer is waiting for. But some cool novelties may make grand theft auto 6 more interesting and entertaining.

Updated protection, according to the latest their projects, can defend you from people with special Mods. They understand, that even small Hack interrupts your walkthrough. If you followed the news, you know, that the company allocate funds for defense system in budget. So that you are able to fully enjoy last series without any disturbing cheaters.

Can we expect VR in next project? Recently, some company shared the information, that they are working on mysterious VR product. People linked this to new GTA products. And it’s understandable, VR industry is developing now.

We bet, you are already ready to download it on your device. Or maybe, you want to try even demo version of it. Stay in touch to discover all news first.